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Representation of Women in Urdu Literature 1900 - 1936
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Literature is an important source to locate the status of different members of society, it also provide the information of state and society. The growth of modern literature was a product of the colonial transformation of South Asia. Urdu literature of 20th century reflects the social as well as family culture of India. It also help us to visualize the various aspects of the lives lived by these members of the society. My topic is concerned with the representation of women in Urdu Literature; therefore, I, aim to locate the status of women in society and literature. The main sources, secondary as well as others have been investigated to explore the real status of the women of those times and their representation in Urdu literature in the early part of the twentieth century. The Muslim culture in sub continent passed through the various vicissitudes. Many locally spun cultural strands got synthesized with the cultural modes having its origin in Arbia and Persia. Therefore, Muslim...

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