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Nkoransa in the history of the Asante Hinterland, 1700-1900
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The military conquests which propelled Asante into a great African empire in the pre-colonial period destroyed some older states, but also gave rise to new ones. One of the states which emerged as a direct consequence of Asante’s imperial expansion in its hinterland is Nkoransa. This book is about the rise of that state and its influence in interstate politics in the Asante hinterland from 1700 to 1900. Nkoransa was carved out of the territory of the gold-rich Bono kingdom which Asante conquered in 1722/23. Dr. Adu-Boahen discusses the political organization of Nkoransa and the pattern of its relations with its neighbours within the context of Asante hegemony. He shows that Nkoransa, as a satellite of Asante, played a decisive role in determining trends in interstate politics in its neighbourhood until the British eventually annexed Asante itself and its entire hinterland just after 1900.

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