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The Heritage
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Our objective is to present a comprehensive cultural picture of India in its varied dimensions and perspectives. The book ‘The Heritage – New Aspects’ deals with the different cultural trends and traditions prevailing in the Indian society. We have collected the articles comprising the field of fine arts, tourism, food habits & methods, trends of regional history writing technology, calligraphy, biography, economy, and media in relation with society and culture of India through the ages. The article on irrigation system in Kashmir under the Mughals and Kapad-dwara documents pertaining to Jaipur water resources are worth reading. A critical evaluation of food habits and its methods of production in early historical north India based on archaeo-literary evidences is also very interesting. Some other articles of the book are the contribution of Theodore Beck in the Aligarh movement & the yoked squatter’s archetypal depictions of yogic sitting postures and their contested meanings in...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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