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Pastoralism and Agriculture - Pennar Basin
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Pastoralism and agriculture have been found to be an important adaptive strategy in the Pennar region. The pastoral landscape is surrounded by semi-arid zones. The Pennar basin is characterized by the perfect homogeneous plain in the heart of basin surrounded by high elevations. Basically, this valley is hunter-gatherer-cum-pastoral eco-type. The socio-economic eco-type is not physically, biologically, lingually, different, but each is different in its social status, economic occupation and religious affiliations. The wet land pockets along the river form the peasant eco-type and is suitable for cattle and dairy farming but least developed branches of agriculture on account of its being food-grain oriented. Thus ,the cattle keeper’s relationship with agriculturists resulted in conflict. The cattle raids and the memorials to local heros underline the importance of pastoralism and agriculture in the state economy .

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