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Changing Landscapes and Youth Culture of Indian Cities
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Today’s urban space is changing in a rapid way. In the awake of globalization Indian cities are torn between global-local, private-public, formal-informal and segregation-integration. The change of cityscapes through globalization cannot be attributed only in economic terms. The impact of globalization on culture and the impact of culture on globalization act as another key factor in changing the city landscape. On the other hand as consumers of the global culture young people are the most viable one for change, for adopt and for rebel. Cultural territorialisation finds its way of expression through them. In this book I have chosen Mukherjee Nagar as a case study to show how global youth as a category is redefining the landscapes of Indian cities. With the help of detailed interview schedule, participant observation and visual ethnography I have tried to trace the change in Mukherjee Nagar from its re-settlement era to present time and portrayed how 'youthscape' has been created.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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