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Afghanistan Beyond 2014
от 6 960 руб.

The creation of an Afghan National Army was part of the agenda of international conference in Germany in 2002. International community agreed that Afghan National Army would be ethnically balanced but in 2002, as an Afghan Defence Minister, General Qasim Fahim made some appointments on ethnic bases. The list of all appointed 100 generals indicates that,90 generals belonged to Northern Alliance. Ethnic rivalries within the Afghan National Army is the most serious issue facing NATO allies and Afghanistan. Several ethnic incidents, political appointments, sub-conflicts and inter-related conflicts have caused volatile crisis in the country. International coalition instead of supporting the Afghan National Army strengthens Private Security Companies. Local warlords and their militias are primary source of insecurity, as they violate basic human rights with impunity. After the failures of all U.S strategies, private militias brutality and insecurity, there is growing...

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