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Colonialism, Land Reform and Class Formation
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Land question has remained the most important aspect of many developing countries like Kenya. Understanding the land question and the current predicaments facing the country must respect the historical process that has shaped this important question. Colonialism stands out as one of the major intrusions that altered and transformed the colonized societies. Land remained central to such transformation and in Kenya, the land issues was exploited by the colonialists to frustrate the growth of African nationalism. The emergence of nationalism in the country under the banner of Mau Mau movement was responded to by the authorities through instituting a land reform process. In this process, the colonial authorities deliberately stratified the Africans especially those of central Kenya who were majorly associated with the movement. The Mau Mau adherents were mostly rendered landless while their sympathizers were turned into land poor. The loyalist group was rewarded with land and were...

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