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Encounter between Politics and Peace
от 12 784 руб.

This book is an outcome of intense research. The author has critically evaluated the experiences of the Naga people from human rights perspective. The basic argument made in the book is that any form of violence is not acceptable to any civilized society. Further, violence is not the problem but the deliberate attitude to act violence. The book also questions the kind of governance system exists when there is conflict be it national, ethnic, regional and any other form. The attitude of the government does not need to be towards suppressing the voices of the weak but also understand the real history of those who raise voices. The better form of interacting would be partnering with those who struggle for their rights than to silencing the cry of the people. He has also established a model to look at the issue from Christian theological perspective so that the Christian churches understand about the value of human rights and act upon it by not simply issuing statement against violation...

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