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Economic Conditions In Early Andhra BC200 to 300AD
от 10 225 руб.

The Present study of Economic Conditions with Reference to non-agrarian Economic Conditions of Ancient Andhra and have limited by investigation from (200BC to 300AD)earliest times up to circa 3rd century AD. The non-agrarian sector of economy marginally treated in the Economic Historiography. Crafts, Trade and Urban centres. The other common feature in this historiography is to present urban centres almost invariably as thriving commercial centres and to hold commercial exchanges as the principal causative factor towards urbanization. Without belittling the importance of this conventional narrative approach to the history of trade, it must be emphasized that an understanding of trade and urban centres can hardly be delinked from the agrarian sector. Significantly enough, the expression 'agro-cities' has been used to characterize early Indian urban centres. The growth of Cities during second urbanization in Indian history co-incided with brisk trade, especially long-distrance...

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