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The book briefly explores various major events as they unfolded and shaped Rwandan society, especially since the arrival of Europeans (in 1900), the characteristics of the various regimes that have rotated in power in Rwanda, as well as how they (unconsciouly) laid foundations for the 1994 tragedy. The tragedy's causes are exposed to the best of the author's and other readers' knowledge, while its consequences, which Rwandan people are still enduring even today, are analysed in order to create awareness in the youth of how a society once united and prosperous was broken up just for a group's political interets. Focus is also put on the manner in which the current regime in power since July 1994, has caused too much pain for the Rwandan people, breaking its unity and harmony, resulting in many of them leaving the country and vowing not to return until significant changes in the current socio, political and economic settings are effected.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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