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Inspiration or Assimilation
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A hand mirrors... Undeniable needs of beauty... However, we are not dealing with the mirrors' reflection function in this book, we are dealing with what they are carrying on their surface. It is clear that archaeological materials, especially dailiy use items are quite important information sources for us and this book lead us to have information about Etruscan Mythology with using their engraved mirrors. The point is, these gods, goddesses, stories, events which have been used as a themes on the mirrors are quite similar with usual Greek myths. it is hard to say whether they are same or not, but the similarity is undeniable. This similarity may lead us to think about the origin of the Etruscans again; where did they come from or who were they? But lets leave this aside. In any case they had contact with Greeks and this contact drove them to being under assimilation or willing inspiration. After reading these mythological similarities, and the conditions they were living in, you will...

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