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The Life and Contributions of Negus Mikael of Wollo
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Imam Mohammed Ali, referred to as Negus Mikael, was born from the Mammadoch ruling family of Wallo. Following the declaration of religious uniformity at the Council of Boru-Meda, he was converted to Christianity & was renamed Mikael with the title Ras. His conversion to Christianity helped him to remain in power. He also established strong relationship with Emperors Yohannes and Menilek. This paved way for him to have a significant part in the politics of the time. On May 31, 1914, he was crowned as king of Wallo and Tigray. Negus Mikael made various contributions in the history of late 19th& early 20th centuries Ethiopia. Beyond participating in the creation of the Modern Ethiopian Empire, he played a significant role at the battles of Matamma and Adwa to defend the empire from foreign invasions. He founded the town of Dase & equipped it with the first modern services such as telephone and modern piped water. Mikael also spent much of his time and money by constructing new...

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