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Reminiscences Of The Ngquza Hill Massacre And Its Ramifications
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The Ngquza Hill Massacre of 6 June 1960 was the climax of tensions that had been building up steadily before 1960 in Mpondoland in particular and in South Africa in general. The incident was precipitated by the government’s disregard for sensitive matters such as implementation of unacceptable and hated development schemes. This culminated in tensions that gave rise to the outright rejection of unpopular and iniquitous laws. Many people were shot dead by the soldiers. Others were wounded or severely beaten. This was followed by the killing of supporters of the government policies. Many people also died mysteriously. Killing became common. It did not mean much any more. Chaos prevailed. The state responded swiftly, efficiently and brutally. Martial law and state of emergency were promulgated. Fear, anguish and anger resulted in the increase in contempt for the government. This, again, contributed in no small way to the intensification of the resistance or struggle for...

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