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Myths and Folklore in Mauritius
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My work is a critical inspection of the concept of ‘myth’ through the representation of the Pieter Both mountain in literature and contemporary Mauritian space. The research proposes to examine the cultural, political and national representations of the mountain with close reference to literature and the media. Writers like Morford and Lenardon (1995) and Campbell (1990) have demonstrated that myth is primarily a legend or story which is at the base of societies. However, Roland Barthes uses the term ‘myth’ as a derivative of ideology. Nietzsche (1967) claimed that myths are necessary for the ‘health’ of a culture. For him, the term, ‘myth’ meant a ruling idea or ideal, one that encapsulates a culture’s basic values, endows human life with meaning and purpose and holds a society together. In this view, the research intends to contribute to the field of anthropology and cultural studies by reviewing and inquiring about the manifestation of Pieter Both mountain as an icon for...

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