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De-notified Tribes in India
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After Africa India comprises a largest mass of natives (tribes) in the world. Amongst, the de-notified and nomadic tribes (DNTs) are an essential element of the Indian native’s society. Nevertheless, ethnographic research have been conducted on some of them, it is only comparatively new that they are finding a few citations in academic and non-academic discourses across India. The Government of India has Constituted National Commission for De-notified, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic tribes to shed light on various developmental issues for these Tribes. Social inclusion of the denotified communities is a very important concern of the every government. Various Governments have initiated noted social policies and programames to bring DNTs in to the main stream of the society. Originally this book is a collection of articles presented In the national conference on Denotified tribes and this book presents the social , educational and general conditions of the denotified tribes and suggests ways...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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