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Muslim intelligentsia in British India
от 8 086 руб.

The book is an assessment of the Muslim Intelligentsia response to Marxism in British India (1917-1947). How the political competition between British India and Soviet Russia influenced Muslims in the subcontinent? The research analyzes Comintern South Asian experiment with focus on Muslim Intelligentsia in British India. This study is an attempt to understand the Soviet factor and its impact on Indian freedom struggle generally and Pakistan movement particularly. It is exploration of a particular aspect of Muslims’ history in the Sub-continent. This search is focused on the relationship between the Soviets and the Indian Muslims. This study is unique and first of its kind and is expected to provide valuable information to those who are interested to gain a greater insight into the role of the Indian Muslims in transplanting Marxism to India. In the epic contest between British India and Soviet Russia, the two powers used local people including Muslims as pawns and on the other hand...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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