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Preaching Politics From TV Pulpit
от 5 016 руб.

Preaching Politics from TV Pulpit describes processes and phenomenon we all know and practice daily - politics, religion and media. The results of the merge of the three processes is however, the interest of the book. If for centuries the boundaries between politics and religion were often shifting either side for the benefit of one or another, in 20th century the media seems to be appearing as yet another player on the scene demanding its share of power and influence. Likewise to similar situations, religion and politics embarked on deploying the newcomer to their own benefits. The politics of the process yielded Televangelism - a peaceful co-living of politics, religion and media! The book will look at historical origins of institutionalized evangelism to lead us understand the preconditions for televangelism''s success in America. Later we will try to comprehend the scheme of televised religion and televised politics and the period the two merged into one. And finally, we will...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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