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The Origins and Development of the Zimbabwean Crisis
от 5 016 руб.

How did Zimbabwe, a country once regarded as a paragon of hope and development in Africa, descend into economic ruin and social chaos in less than a decade? Maxwell Zhira''s book offers a comprehensive answer to this controversial question, going beyond the widespread, yet limited perception that Robert Mugabe is the sole architect of Zimbabwe''s troubles. Zhira provides a more nuanced picture, which explores and emphasizes the role of colonial land alienation, racism, and tyrannical governance. He shows how these are entangled with the recent revival of militant nationalism in Zimbabwe, and its confrontation with a hegemonic neoliberal democratic ethos, the central ideological stance of the opposition political movement. Zhira''s book is innovative because he stresses the nature of conjuncture in understanding historical causation. Written in a highly accessible language and style, Zhira''s book is relevant to teachers and students of African history, political science and...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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