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What Palestine Do We Teach?
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The book provides a historical perspective on the Palestinian history curriculum and analyses to what extent history curriculum, during various colonial and postcolonial periods in Palestine, starting from 1861 Ottoman rule till 1999, has acted as a vehicle for promoting Palestinian national values for both Palestinian Arab students in Israel/ 1948 Palestine and the 1967Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank. It examines the critical issue of peaceful coexistence as reflected in history curriculum. The book draws on insights from postcolonialism.It calls for a serious history curricular reforms as a prelude for ethnic acceptance of the ‘Other’, and peaceful-coexistence, where efforts of Arab- Israeli critical ethnic and cultural studies in the field of academic history pave the way for creating a non assimilative and non distorted academic history. Primary textual sources and policy documents will be examined to develop the socio- political and cultural context of the...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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