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India claims great heritage in grammar and classical music. Indian subcontinent is a store house of archaeology maintaining un-broken ladder down the time line to 5000 years before present. Her claims to sciences and technologies have been scantily corroborated on archaeology touch stone. A multi-disciplinary scholar with long and deep field experience, trained in western methods of enquiry and dispassionate report, presents tangible and intangible science heritage with corroborating archaeology covering Positional astronomy; Star tracking; Mathematics; Engineering; Architecture; Anti-weathering; Soil conservation; Weather modification; Irrigation; Maritime; Health; Erotic sciences. A Compass, a Dock and Navigation Devices; Aero vehicle; Anti-cyclone and Anti heat wave designs; Hidden messages in icons and anicons; 150 rare palm leaf manuscripts; Insightful introduction. 21 essays; 202 images; 296 pages. Numerous discoveries, Demystifies. Opens lively opportunities. Never before...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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