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Who are Our Ancestors?
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Ever since the changes of 1989, we have seen an outpouring of academic and quasi-academic literature in Bulgaria with a particular emphasis on the quest for origins, and a remote fatherland. Especially important was the revival and even the enforcement of an openly racial thought and a racial approach not that typical in the Bulgarian past. This study relies on a wide scope of primary sources such as references from newspapers and journals, various memoirs, parliamentary debates, political speeches, historical studies, popular historical notions and descriptions, studies in the field of physical anthropology, historical accounts, etc. All these are used to investigate the political instrumentalization of the quest for origins (Slavic, Old Bulgar, Turkic, Tartar, Aryan etc.) in "fin-de-siecle" Bulgaria. The book will be of interest for different specialists in humanities and social sciences working on modern and contemporary problems as well as those working on...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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