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In Oct. 1892, in the midst of treaty negotiations, a native committee appointed by a federal treaty commission becomes the recognized government body of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa, ousting the traditional tribal government headed by Chief Little Shell III. The new tribal government, known simply as the Committee of Thirty-Two, sign a land settlement treaty, of which the TMC would get one million dollars for ten million acres, no re-enlargement of the existing reservation, and thousands of people would be dropped from the tribal rolls. This agreement with the Federal Government would become infamously known as the “10 Cent Treaty of 1892.” In this historical investigation, Roland E. Marmon has uncovered a paper trail which implicates the federal government and various tribal representatives who would in cover of secrecy wrest control of the last thing the Turtle Mountain Chippewa held dear and that was the land itself. The questions posed by the newly uncovered evidence...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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