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Hindustan Socialist Republican Association and National Movement
от 6 960 руб.

This book has made an attempt to evaluate how the revolutionaries succeeded in integrating their socialist ideas with the Indian Nationalism. Also, an attempt is made to study the social basis of the Association and also to focus on those sections of the society which favorably responded to the ideology of the ‘Hindustan Socialist Republican Association’. Finally this book intends to show how far ‘Hindustan Socialist Republican Association’ succeeded in eroding the hegemonic character of the Colonial Rule. Though, a number of works have been done on ‘Revolutionary-Terrorists Movement’ in India and on the activities of Bhagat Singh and his co-patriots in the form of memories and biographies but I did not find any specific work dealing with ‘Hindustan Socialist Republican Association’. It was due to this lack of such a study, I took the task of writing the history of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association, its formation, programmes and its ideology, activities and its overall...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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