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Sustainable Development
от 8 086 руб.

Environmental pollution has become one of the chief threats to the survival of mankind, the world over. The rat race for development sans concern for its environmental costs has lead to disturbance of the delicate ecological balance between the living and non-living component of the biosphere. The unfavorable conditions created by man's reckless interference with nature not only threatens the survival of the mankind, but also of the other living organisms. India, like many other developing countries, faces severe environmental deterioration. According to the statistics available nearly 70 per cent of all the available water is polluted; less than 20 per cent of the land remains under adequate tree cover; and cities such as Delhi and Bombay are reeling under severe air pollution of a magnitude three to four times higher than the acceptable limit set by the World Health Organization. The major environmental concerns of India today are air pollution resulting from industrial development;...

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