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Migration and Settlement in Northern Nigeria:
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The term Nupe is used to describe the language and the people who live within and occupy the lower basins of the River Niger and Kaduna. The Nupe Community began to arrive in Kaduna metropolis from 1911 with the extension of the rail-lines into the area. By 1917, the area had emerged as the British colonial headquarters of the then Northern Region. As a result, the area began to attract people from far and wide due to the economic activities that the settlement generated. On the other hand, the Nupe people were employed in the services of the colonial administration, especially in the field of rail-line construction that run from Zungeru to Kaduna and Kano which consequently required both human and material resources. As work on the rail progressed, the newly employed Nupe labourers continued to move inwards into Kaduna. As such, a substantial number of Nupe people seeking for job opportunities decided to migrate to, and later settled in Kaduna. The Nupe Community having developed in...

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