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The New Partnership For Africa’s Development
от 5 016 руб.

Development has eluded Africa since time immemorial. Various measures have been put in place to accelerate the pace of development in Africa. Measures like The Lagos Plan of Action, The Final Act of Lagos, Africa’s Priority Program for Economic Recovery (1986-1990) among others were adopted to spearhead this developmental agenda. Confronting the danger of the failure of these plans, NEPAD, a new development paradigm was introduced to take up the developmental agenda in Africa. Priority programs like infrastructural development, science and technology, agricultural development and good governance, etc, were some of the programs adopted by NEPAD as vehicles to eradicate poverty in Africa. In spite of all these, Africa, and for that matter NEPAD, is hugely challenged vis-a-vis resources to accomplish this vision. Resource mobilization through Capital Flow Initiative and Market Access Initiative had not been effective due to a variety of reasons, and this book has carefully assessed these...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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