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Antisperm antibodies and their effects on Infertility
от 5 932 руб.

Presence of antisperm antibodies (ASA) can reduce fecundity in both males and females. Though the etiology of ASA and their effects on gametes have been studied extensively; its clinical implications on infertility are disputed so far. Detection of possible causes of infertility will enable to streamline the treatment. This book provides research information on ASA in infertile couples in Sri Lanka. It investigates the incidence of ASA in semen and serum of male partner and in serum, cervical mucus and follicular fluid of female partner, possible risk factors for the formation of ASA, effects of different isotypes of ASA / location of ASA on fertilization processes as well as pregnancy rates. Further it has compared the pregnancy outcome after fertility treatments, in couples with and without ASA. The book is also a source of useful statistical details for management of infertile couples and has a comprehensive literature review on ASA. Therefore, this work is especially valuable for...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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