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Modernization and Marriage Ceremonies in the Amazigh Culture
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Since its independence in 1956, Morocco has embarked on a process of social, economic and political development in an attempt to build a modern nation. However, this has resulted in profound mutations in the Moroccan culture in general and the Amazigh one in particular. From an ethnographic perspective, the book seeks to provide an account of the impact of modernization on the Amazigh cultural heritage in Morocco. More specifically, the study is concerned with the investigation of the gradual loss of the Amazigh culture among Ayt Merghad, with a special focus on the rituals of marriage. An attempt is also made to uncover the forces that have reshaped these practices and transformed them into their current state. The researcher argues that a vision of development that excludes the cultural dimension cannot do justice to the local cultures. Today, many voices, including UNESCO, the World Summit on Sustainable Development and researchers are calling for the inclusion of the cultural...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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