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Socialization Process of Dual Income Family’s Children in City Life
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The selection between staying looking after children and going for work is very difficult for Bangladeshi parents specially mothers. There are the arguments in favour and against the job of mothers.The supporters of mothers work are of the opinion that working mothers create self-confidence,social awareness and sense of commitment, struggle and lot of monetary benefits.The opponents argue that by working, mothers deprive their children from early development and training. Hence,it is not immoral for a mother to have a job but it is probably not the encouraging activity for her children.The study attempts to find out the effects of parents’ work on the early growth,training and performance of children. Servants can look after a child's basic needs, but they cannot be responsible for the child's intellectual,social and emotional development. After going for work in employed couples 73.3% respondent’s child stay in respondent’s own house with maid servant,6.7% respondent child stay in...

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