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Heer was a tremendously gorgeous gentlewoman innate in a well-remote home platoon "Sayyal". Heer was proudy damsel still she was spill in enthusiasm beside ranjha. Ranjha more adorations heer. The stories finish in the conformation of a essay plus a stomp is extremely familiar. Heer was the family of a feudal landowner Chuchak Sial from Jhang. prior than her provide up for Ranjha, she ratify herself to be a truly dauntless furthermore adventurous childish female. She carry a notation to Ranjha. He succeeds in the parade of a jogi (self-denial) furthermore adopts her begone. Whereas Heer’s spawns hark regarding to the elopement they apologize also encourage for them optimistic to covenant Heer wedded to Ranjha. However Heer’s uncle Khaidon provide up them furthermore kill heer. In this infatuation chronicle Heer plus Ranjha do nay retain the decorous chance of meeting a house. Yet in the myth harmonic by the womanishs, Heer furthermore Ranjha endless experience a glad wedded...

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