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Landmark: Hungarian Writers on Thirty Years of History
от 1 700 руб.

The purpose of the present Anthology is to record the history of the past twenty years as reflected in literature. These twenty years in which so much has happened, in which there have been so many changes and achievements, so many sacrifices and struggles, represent but a few brief episodes in the great drama of our national history - and of this century. The plot of this drama can hardly be understood without some insight into its dual background: the antecedents of Hungarian national history in the distant past, and the pioneering efforts of twentieth-century mankind to achieve a new kind of existence. With the antecedents derived from our national history the reader can acquaint himself through the works of the outstanding writers of the period between the two wars. But the international background reflected in this present volume - though from the standpoint of Hungary - the reader must build up for himself.

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