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Feldenkrais method in Hamstring lengthening in young individuals
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Background and objective: The hamstring muscles are important contributor to the control of human movement and are involved in a wide range of activities. Feldenkrais method is an educational system centered on movement, aiming to expand and refine the use of the self through awareness. However effect of Feldenkrais method in stretching procedure is not well documented .This study Aspires to demonstrate Effect of Feldenkrais method for release of hamstring Tightness. 30 subjects between 20-25 yrs. was selected and randomly allocated into two group (15 subjects each group).A baseline reading using the 90-90 SLR Test by a Metal Universal Goniometer was measured.Feldenkrais method was given for 15 days and readings were noted after each 7 days. Result and conclusion: After 15 days of significant greater improvement is seen by using Feldenkrais method (P value ...

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