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This book is particularly concerned with what the effects of ideology on the selection process of the translation are and how and why ideology aborts authors or texts-to-be-translated. The "ideology" concept of this work is not just the specific thought system of a group but a curriculum of power and control with its apparatuses, aims, directions, financial resources and political aspect. Different dimensions of ideology, which make it a curriculum, are also analyzed: the ideology of the author, the ideology of the translator(s), the ideology of institutions, the ideology of countries, the ideology of concepts and the ideology of theories. Ideology with all of its dimensions can affect the very first movement of translation and try to repress or even abort a text-to-be-translated. Thus, this book focuses on the place of selection, repression/ abortion and ideology in translation theory and analyzes the repression and abortion of The Satanic Verses both in the world and in Turkey to...

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