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Public pension is one of the largest social security programmes for Government personnel. In the annual budget of 2010-2011 fiscal years,a total sum of BDT 39651 Million had been allocated for pension in public service;it was nearly 3 per cent of the total budget allocation and over 4.62 per cent of non-development expenditure (Annual Budget 2010-2011).According to latest available government estimates,the total number of public employees working in various ministries, divisions,departments,directorates,autonomous bodies and corporations of Bangladesh government was estimated to be 9,32,050(BBS-2005).Corruption is the receiving burning issue in the present states of the World.Actually the last two decades,it had invented as the great social curse, especially for developing country like Bangladesh. But retired Government personnel had been facing of demanding bribery in the processing of their pension.It is outlandish phenomenon that a retired person had been demanded bribe by his...

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