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Thalassemia: Pedigree Analysis
от 3 707 руб.

Severely affected thalassemic patients, in need of intensive supportive therapy, medication, education, awareness and with little or no chances of being cured, represent an enormous human suffering for many families. It’s economic burden is heavy on the family as well as on the Nation. This book determined the frequency and the prevalence of the thalassemia of the study group, the geographical distribution and thalassemia patient’s pedigree analysis. To maintain simplicity of the study, the work will be fruitful for students and researchers in the field of Hematology. This Book is intended for a wide audience with the expectation that National health authorities, policy-makers, scholars, researchers, health workers and others committed to the advancement of public health in the Asian region will make good use of it.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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