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Purdah Practice in Kashmir
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The institution of Purdah has been prevalent in human society in one form or the other. Over a period of time the observance of Purdah has changed its symbolic attire. The society of Kashmir is not an exception to this sociological fact. The social structure of Kashmir is predominantly a Muslim based and Purdah as an institution has evolved over here with the advent of Islam. The formative period of Islam has seen the observance of Purdah been practiced by its followers in letter and spirit. Over a period of time the indigenous influences has taken an assimilative form and the Purdah as an institution in Kashmir emerged in a syncretic form. The Purdah practice in present day Kashmir is an amalgam of composite culture in a pluralistic form. Thus the Purdah practice in Kashmir varies from one community to another. In the back drop of this sociological fact a study was undertaken to ascertain the nature and function of institution of Purdah. It is hoped that the study being the modest...

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