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Causes Of Violence Against Women
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Another MANUSCRIPT YOU MUST READ, to know the burning sociological prblems in the society. Whether developed or developing nations,violence against women is something unavoidable. Therefore, the societies of the world need to know the importance of a woman in the society itself and as well in child reproduction.Knowing this will naturally limit acts of violence that women,children,elders and handcapped people face in their social environment. I am sure this is a start, many other educating works are coming to tell the entire societies of the world to stop all the acts resulting to violence against women,forced marriages,widow inheritance,spouce beating,female genital mutilation and so many othrs of this type. Ithank my wife to be"Maria Marandu"for accepting me as her future husband and promise her that she will never face violence of any type from me but encourage her to help me in telling the violent societies naturally to kill this behavior and prepare for the great future and...

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