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Application of an Integral Approach to the Study of Religion
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Besides deep changes, that are taking place in religion today, one can also speak about the tendencies towards fundamental transformation of the paradigms of scientific knowledge (the processes, viewed in the book as interrelated). One of the purposes of this work was to analyze and systematize the key aspects of the new paradigm, which is being formed in the last decades; it includes different integral theories, focusing on the holistic vision of a man and the world. A methodological “map” (developing the fundamentals of K. Wilber’s theory) was constructed as well, which allows to integrate diverse specific theories on religion and thus to provide a holistic study of religion in the context of the modern interdisciplinary knowledge. Also, a conception of the mechanism of transformation of religious forms in the modern world was elaborated; synthesized theoretical concept of the stages of development of (religious) consciousness was applied to the analysis of religiosity (with the...

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