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Consciousising Relatedness
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...Fabian enters widely uncharted areas – namely the field of human relatedness in politics. It still is extremely uncommon to concretely include factors such as individual and collective unconscious dynamics in political theory and praxeology. At the very beginning of psychoanalysis we find the foundation of healing in both its individual and societal sense in Freud’s statement “where Id was, I shall be”, i.e. where unconsciousness has prevailed consciousness shall dominate. That fundamental process is indeed underlying any positive personal and collective change and it is the definition of what “consciousising” means (Dr. Albrecht Mahr, Chairman of iFPA). /// ...the reader is taken on a journey into a number of fields of various scientific disciplines – a journey which at times becomes a tour de force – visiting positivistic science, phenomenology, quantum theory, morphic fields, social psychology as well as peace and conflict studies. Reading this dissertation, the reviewer...

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