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Effects of Television Cartoon on Children’s Socialization
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As a sociology student we know four agents of socialization, which help children, develop. These are family, school, peers and mass media. But in that global age scholars give more important on mass media as a powerful and influential agent of socialization. In our day today life where children has almost no place to play outside, and most families are nuclear, most parents both are doing jobs; they have to leave their children alone while they work. So, children are passing time with loneliness, for that children just spend most of the time to watch television cartoon. Recently many studies has been blamed television cartoon for capturing excessive time and interest of children, for corrupting their values, for wasting time that would otherwise have been spent more constructively, and for causing a decline in taste, morality, self discipline, learning, and socialization. However will it be appropriate for us to judge cartoon by only one characteristic, that it only brings laughter...

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