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Distructive Development in India
от 6 039 руб.

This book is an attempt to trace the roots of a vicious circle. The harsh realities that lay hidden behind attractive names such as Greater Bangalore, ‘Special Economic Zone’, etc are laid thread bare before us by the author of this book, R.V. Chandrashekar. The project which has come to be known as ‘Special Economic Zone’ can be described as ‘Foreign Special Economic Zone’. Those who are availing the facilities in this zone are not bound by the constitution of this country. Their disputes will be decided in International Court of Law. Our government has no control over them. The land belonging to the poor farmers are being bought at throwaway prices by the politicians and real estate agents; they will be converted into townships and sold to the rich. The natives will soon work as the slaves to the affluent residents of the Special Economic Zones. The author explores the dynamics of this vicious circle. Even though articles on Special Economic Zone have appeared in several...

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