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Health Care Demand of Urban Slum Dwellers in Bangladesh
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A study was conducted to determine the demand for health care in urban slum dwellers in Dhaka city during December, 2009. The study consisted of 120 randomly selected household. This study has analysis the comparative analysis between two slums dwellers’ of demand for health care. The findings of the study indicate that the demand for health care of Baganbari slum dwellers is higher than Kalapani slum dwellers. This study compares the health care utilization patterns in Baganbari and Kalapani slum by using data from two area recent household-based surveys of health care demand. Utilization rates at different providers are compared according to a series of variables that have been shown to be important determinants of demand including income, price of health care, health education and sex were observed to have positively significant relationships with their demand for health care.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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