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Attitude Of Educated Girls Towards Educational Aspiration And Career
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Traditionally female education has always been disfavored. But in contemporary society numerous social demands have arisen which directly or indirectly promote female education. 56 percent respondents want to continue their education despite of incababilities of their family. But on the other hand many of them depends on their parents desire for their further education. Present study shows that a bulk of respondent eager to join a job and continue it even in the situation of staying away from the family. They strongly feel that women should do a job and its nor against tradition neither create family maladjustment. 52 percent of the respondent thought that women felt exploited in each and every field. And about 40 percent of them experience exploitation of various type such as mental, economical and physical. Most of the respondents do not have any adjustment problem with their male colleagues. Study also reflects that settlement of marriage can’t restrict them from...

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