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Large Collaborative Meeting Environment System
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Large displays have been used in meeting and workspace environments over the last couple of decades. Traditionally, meetings have operated in a one-operator-per-display paradigm where a single user physically connects his/her computer to the large screen display to make it visible to other meeting participants. While this approach works well for some types of meetings (e.g., presentations with a single presenter), a more flexible system is required to support a wider variety of collaboration patterns. In particular, current tools offer poor support for meetings with multiple presenters. LACOME aims to solve this problem by providing a better ad hoc collaborative meeting environment. LACOME was originally designed and developed at The University of British Columbia; we extend the system to consider privacy and security concerns. We conducted a series of focus groups to obtain feedback on the initial design of the system. We implemented new features that provide enhanced awareness of...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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