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Socio-Economic and Structural Analysis of Cycle Rickshaw Pullers
от 3 774 руб.

The book “Socio-Economic and Structural Analysis of Cycle rickshaw Pullers deals with the most dynamic and wide spread informal sector, particularly in the field of sustainable transportation system i.e. cycle rickshaw: an environmentally viable non-motorized vehicle. It consists of five chapters in which social, economical and cultural aspects of cycle rickshaw pullers and their accessibility in housing and household amenities have been discussed. It deals with the concepts, typology, causes and consequences of rickshaw pulling. It also reviews the books and journals of scholars on the subject. It presents the glimpse of information material on various aspects of cycle rickshaw pulling and fulfills the long felt needs of environmentally concerning research students as it an alternate means of transportation for the future generation.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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