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Benign lesions of the larynx are a common problem that are encountered in day to day practice of an otorhinolaryngologist.It causes a wave of concern to the patient because voice forms a very important mode of communication to the outside world.Most of the lesions eventually present early during the course of the disease giving the ENT surgeon ample time to accurately diagnose the pathology associated with the condition and pinpoint the best management of the diseased state.The advances in the field of laryngology have been immense over the last few decades ranging from microlaryngeal surgery to the use of LASER''s for the treatment of the various pathological states.In this book we have tried to put in a nutshell,the necessary information about the benign lesions of the larynx that we have encountered, their incidence, their clinical presentation and their management. This book is the outcome of a 3 year clinical study on benign lesions of the larynx.

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