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Street Children
от 5 108 руб.

This book has dealt with a subject area of contemporary interest to Zambia and other countries in Southern Africa. Though solely depicting the scenario in Zambia’s Lusaka Province, the impact of the menace is prevalent elsewhere. The Book has shown that the presence of street children in Lusaka is a strongly evident problem, needing urgent and concerted effort to address. This monograph details the invaluable role NGOs, FBOs, CBOs and other stakeholders are playing in helping street children and their families. This Monograph has five parts. The first part focuses on the background of Streetism; the second reviews literature on Streetism; the third part details a coherent account of how information about Streetism in Lusaka was obtained; the fourth part provides an analysis of streetism; and finally, the conclusion and recommendation constitutes the last fifth part. This is a-must read by all researchers, teachers, clergymen, community leaders and social activists. Reading this book...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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