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Rehabilitation and Social Adjustment of Burn People in Society
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Burns are Injuries to tissues caused by heat, friction, electricity, radiation or chemicals. Intensity of burns is usually measured with the size of body affected. It severity could be determined by the treatment received but also the place where it has been given. Burn is a catastrophe covering not only the physical aspect of human body but also engule emotional feelings of an individual, feeling of the burn and community as well. It could be categorized in to first degree, second degree and third degree according to qualitality, volatility and varying nature (Houston, 1994). The magnitude of the issue though small but the dimension it portrays is enormous. Keeping in to consideration the various dimension of the study at hand could be preceded with the aspects to be social and Psychological, Taking into consideration, the impacts learned in social, psychological and institutional role readjustment as per social milieu. This study is an attempt to discover all probable factors that...

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