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Economic Development of DWCRA Women in Kadapa District
от 7 666 руб.

Empowerment of women is gaining ground and an added significance in the Indian context owing to their profusive participation in developmental activities. Women empowerment cannot be rigidly defined, particularly, in a situation like ours, where there exists a lot more difference among women in different sectors such as rural v/s urban women, women in organized sector v/s women in unorganized sector or informal sector, women in government / public sector v/s those in private sector, educated women v/s uneducated women both in rural and urban sectors and women in lower and higher income group. All these differences cited above are copiously crucial factors to reckon with before anyone attempts to define the concept of empowerment of women and then analyzing the determinants of the same. Some of the important suggestions evolved from this study are as follow. The members of DWCRA have to be little cautious in selecting their economic activities. They have to select their activities...

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