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Crisis of Identity in India and Indus
от 8 178 руб.

The people of India and Indus are at the crossroads and face an onslaught of Arab Islamism to convert this ancient civilization into an Arab fiefdom to be called Mughalstan. The Muslim elite "foreign descendant" - Syed, Sheikh, Mughal, Turk (SSMT), who constitute a minuscule 5% of the total Muslim population in the subcontinent control the religious affairs, issue fatwas and are exploiting the Muslim population. They aspire to create Dar ul Islam in the world and will not allow peace in the world till then; and within that they want total control by the enlightened people who take their descent from the Prophet's tribe or the Turks. However, the religion of Islam itself was hijacked within 100 years of the Prophet's death, by the elite exploiters whom he had fought throughout his life. They have controlled the religion ever since. The identity of the people of India and Indus is systematically being destroyed and a new identity as the descendants of the Ghoris and Ghaznis is being...

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